The microwave disinfection equipment for medical waste developed and manufactured by Liying mainly serves large and small hospitals and clinics, as well as third-party service organisations that provide collection and centralised disposal of medical waste for the above organisations.

Liying Microwave Disinfection Unit - MDU Series (Skid Mounted) combines feeding, shredding, disinfection, slag removal, exhaust gas treatment and other functions in one continuous automatic operation, with a capacity of 60kg/h to 1,000kg/h. The MOU series is the on-site medical waste disposal system for healthcare institutions.

Liying's Medical Waste Disinfection Vehicles and Transfer Vehicles in continuous iteration and upgrading, with treatment capacity varies from 60kg/h to 300kg/h. We have also designed IoT monitoring systems for our customers through RFID, webcam and internet information systems.

The convenience and flexibility of the medical waste microwave disinfection vehicle make it a good service for various emergencies, which is plug and play, convenient and fast. It is usually a good service for natural disasters such as sudden epidemics and remote areas, and also for field hospitals, marine and island medical waste disposal, etc.

Applicable to various medical and healthcare institutions

Liying's various types of medical waste microwave disinfection equipment are designed and manufactured mainly for hospitals and clinics of all sizes, as well as for service organisations for the collection and centralised disposal of medical waste. It is also capable of handling emergency situations.

Applicable to various Medical and Healthcare Service Institutions, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Laboratory
  • Blood Bank
  • Test Center
  • Nursing Homes

Even some special institutions, like:

  • Customs Epidemic Prevention Department
  • Field Hospital
  • Marine and Island Medical Waste Disposal

Emergency conditions, like:

  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes
  • Outbreaks of epidemics, etc.

Applicable Range

Liying medical waste microwave disinfection equipment is professionally used for the harmless disposal of medical waste, including medical waste that is classified as infectious, traumatic, and pathological waste. It can also be used in epidemics when dealing with sick and dead poultry.

  • Blood and Blood Products
  • Dialysis Waste
  • Animal Tissues, Body Parts, and Carcasses
  • Human Tissues, Body Parts, and Limbs
  • Biological and Non-Hazardous Pharmaceutical
  • Needles, Syringes, and other Sharps
  • Research Waste 
  • Laboratory Specimens
  • Surgery Waste
  • Regulated Medical Waste
  • Pathology and Histology Samples
  • Aids and Hepatitis Waste
  • Isolation Waste
  • Cultures and Slides
  • Intravenous Bags, Blood Bags, and Associated Tubing
  • Packaging Materials
  • Trace Chemotherapy/anti- neo plastic waste
  • Soft waste (including gauze, bandages, drapes, gowns, and bedding) from patient care

Mask & other infectious waste

Contaminated fabric waste

Blood & blood products waste

Pathology & laboratory waste

Surgical waste

Needles, syringes & other waste

Final Residue

After treatment by Liying's Microwave Disinfection Unit, the waste becomes decontaminated, non-infected, unrecognisable inert general waste, which can then be centrally disposed of as MSW for landfill or used in an incineration power generation project, depending on local laws and regulations and local circumstances.

Medical waste produced by various medical institutions

Various types of medical waste collected

1.After treatment, it becomes inert domestic waste
2.Landfill or incinerate with domestic waste to generate electricity

Sterilization Effect Detection, Biological

The treatment effect test uses Bacillus subtilis var. niger spore (ATCC 9372) as biological indicator, with killing logarithm value ≥ 4.00. the microbial inactivation efficiency is greater than 99.9999%.

Step 1

Use 3M-1264 biological indicator Bacillus subtilis B. Subtilis ATCC 9372

Step 2

Put the biological indicator into the reserved mouth of the microwave disinfection device

Step 3

Pick up biological indicators from the residue

Step 4

Crush the ampoule, and place the biological indicator and reference group in a 37°C constant temperature incubator for 48 hours

Step 5

Obtain the test result, green means the sterilization effect is qualified, and yellow means the sterilization effect is unqualified

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