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Product Series

  • Medical Waste Disinfection Equipment (MDU series)
  • Mobile Medical Waste Disinfection Vehicle
  • Clinic Medical Waste On-Site Disposal Machine
  • Medical Waste Transfer Vehicle
  • MDU-10B

    MDU-10B is a medical waste integration treatment system including feeding, shredding, microwave disinfection, discharging, and exhaust dedusting systems.


    • Treatment capacity: 600kg/h (±10%)
    • Dimensions (L*W*H): 12000mm*2900mm*3300mm
    • Overall weight: 15000kg
    • Required space (L*W*H): 15000*5000*5600mm
    • Installed Power: 170KW (108KW steam generator included)
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  • MDV-3/5: Medical Waste Disinfection Vehicle

    The Medical Waste Disinfection Vehicle (LiYing MDV) is a mobile sterilisation station on a truck with an improved internal layout designed for mobile requirements. It adapts to various emergencies and support needs. Solid and efficient, and we have upgraded it for many generations to cope with the various situations and cases, so please contact us about detail.


    • Treatment capacity: 180kg/h (±10%)
    • Plug and Play
    • Dimensions (L*W*H): 978×255×399 (cm)
    • Overall weight: 15000kg
    • Height when flap open: 6500mm
    • Installed Power: 110KW
      (72KW steam generator included)
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    Medical Waste Disinfection Vehicle (LiYing MDV-3/5)
  • MOU-2 : Clinical Med Waste On-Site Disinfection Treatment Unit

    It’s a a sterilizer that uses the dual effects of microwave and high-pressure steam to disinfect medical waste.
    Treatment capacity appr. 2kg/hr, based on an average density of medical waste at 0.1kg/l ~0.15kg/l.


    • Treatment capacity: 17L/cycle, or appr. 2 kg/hr (±10%)
    • On-site medical waste disposal equipment for hospitals and clinics
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Liying Technology Centre is engaged in research on mechanics, biology. "Market-oriented, accelerating technological innovation and improving core technological competitiveness" as its guiding ideology.

About Us

Li-ying Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of medical waste disposal equipment, founded in 2014, headquartered in Henan Province, with more than 400 employees (including subsidiaries).

We are a national high-tech enterprise and a member of the Environmental Protection Association, specialising in the research and development of harmless medical waste treatment technology, equipment manufacturing, facility plant investment and operation.. Over the past 10 years, we have supplied equipment and services to more than 300 regions.

Medical waste management is a growing problem, Medical Waste Microwave Disinfection Technology uses microwaves to heat germs in waste and effectively kill pathogens. Click here for more information.

  • 10
    of experience
  • 300+

    Area served
  • 2.62+ Million
    m³ of medical waste
    disposal per year

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