Jiangnan style | hand in hand with Anqing city


Anqing City, located in the southwest of Anhui Province, is on the north bank of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The city is surrounded by rivers and lakes, with mountains, hills, rivers and lakes, each accounting for one-third of the city's area. The city's landscape-dependent urban landscape has allowed it to gradually nurture a unique Hui culture over thousands of years, with local architecture and food becoming an integral part of the Jiangnan style.

Anqing has four distinct seasons and a humid climate. Every summer ushers in the rainy season, and the rain like silk and thread entangles the hearts of the people. Green bricks and green tiles, a gentle breeze. Tourists walking along the alleys with umbrellas can't help but recite the famous poem: "Like the misty grasses, the fluttering willow flakes in the sky, and the drizzling rain of the yellow plum season."

In such a beautiful city, environmental protection becomes a must. In order to live in harmony with the natural environment, Anqing city attaches great importance to the disposal of medical waste. In this year, Li-Ying has entered into a co-operation with a client in Anqing. From Henan to Anhui, from the historical centre of the country to the south of the Yangtze River, we delivered the MDU-5B equipment during the rainy season in Anqing. The after-sales team saw a lot of different landscapes on their way to install and commission the equipment.

Anqing, a place that makes you feel better when you say the word, is a place where Li-Ying is extremely fortunate to be involved in environmental protection. And we are looking forward to the next meeting in Anqing!

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