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Across the ocean, with the rise of the ESG concept (Environmental, Social and Governance), the field of medical waste disposal is also getting more and more attention. More and more medical waste disposal companies have appeared in the public eye, and "proper disposal of medical waste" has become the consensus of environmentalists, enough to bring them closer to each other.

Li-Ying, as one of the leading manufacturers of medical waste disposal equipment in China, with advanced technology and rich experience in operation and management, has become the first choice for cooperation with many international medical waste treatment companies. We are fortunate to have gained the trust of our customers. For example, one of them chose Li-Ying medical waste microwave sterilization treatment equipment. Picture: We provide installation, commissioning and training services for this customer.

Li-Ying transporting medical waste microwave sterilization equipment in the desert

Li-Ying delivers microwave sterilization treatment equipment for medical waste

Li-Ying taking a group photo with clients

Since its establishment, Li-Ying has been committed to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of medical waste disposal equipment, while investing in and operating 19 commercial medical waste disposal projects, always adhering to the spirit of service.Li-Ying has proved to everyone that we are worthy of trust, and even more worthy of being chosen.

At present, both parties have successfully carried out equipment delivery and completed a pleasant cooperation. We would like to congratulate you on the establishment of your company and look forward to the formal commercialization of your operations in the near future!

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