Wang-mo, hear the song from mountains


The terrain from Guangxi to Guizhou grows higher and higher, about which China has had the saying of "one hundred thousand great mountains" since ancient times. The Qianxinan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Guizhou is located in the corner of these mountains. In the south-eastern corner of Qianxinan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Wang-mo County starts the day with the sound of birdsong.

By the water and by the mountains, black tiles and red bricks, these are the characteristics of most of the local mansions. Thin mist fills the air, the green water is deep and mysterious. In such a beautiful canyon, there are several unique ethnic groups living. For example, the Buyi and the Miao. These ethnic minorities have their own perfect system of customs. In their beautiful national costumes, linen and silver jewellery are very important. In their daily entertainment, dance has long been integrated into every aspect of their lives. Whenever there is a big festival, the local people will dance to celebrate it, or at night they will set up bonfires and hold hands with each other and dance around the bright fire.

Have you heard the song from the mountains? In Wang-mo, almost every family makes wine. And the voices that drink this wine can sing the most beautiful ballads in the world. The local people love to sing, and most of them sing in pairs. The lyrics are passionate and exuberant, and their voices are clear and melodious. Whenever the smoke from kitchen chimneys rises, the singers lean on the wooden fence, each other's eyes flickering, secretly in love.

In such a magnificent and beautiful place, everyone loves nature. From the threads on people's clothes to the delicious food served on the table, they all come from the mountains and flowing water. These people "live off the mountains and live off the water", so they attach great importance to environmental protection. Wang-mo attaches great importance to the daily disposal of medical waste and has entered into a co-operation with Li-Ying this year. We are pleased to be able to contribute to the environmental protection of Wang-mo, and completed the delivery of the MDU-3B in December.

As the after-sales team travelled to Wang-mo, they saw heavy green hills and heard singing coming from the mountains. That sound was a reflection of local life and harboured countless happiness. It lingered in the valley and in everyone's heart.

We feel lucky to be associated with Wang-mo and hope that Li-Ying's presence will make Wang-mo a better place!

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