Yin-chuan: The Place Favoured by the Yellow River


Yin-chuan, leaning against the last section of the Great Wall of China —— Helan Mountain in the west and the mother river Yellow River in the east, is the pearl located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River. Whenever the wind and sand from the northwest sweeps in, the lofty Helan Mountain will block it, making Yinchuan's climate pleasant, becoming the "Poetic Land on the Plateau" of the Loess Plateau. In Yinchuan, you can also feel the magnificence of the desert and the serenity of the oasis, and savour the poetic meaning of "solitary smoke in the desert, and the sun setting over the Yangtze River". The lake is clear and blue, the water and sky are one colour, and the sand dunes by the lake are rolling, forming a beautiful picture.

Yinchuan's natural scenery and humanistic history are intertwined, in addition to Helan Mountain and Sand Lake, there are also the Mausoleum of the Xixia Kings and the rock paintings of Helan Mountain, which tell ancient stories. It seems that everything here makes people linger and sigh.

When night falls, Yinchuan turns back into a fashionable and modern city. The lights are flashing and people will have a wonderful and interesting night life.

As the capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Yinchuan is unique in its Hui customs. In accordance with their religious beliefs and national traditions, the Hui people have built numerous mosques, which are not only places for their religious activities but also symbols of Hui culture. In the streets of Yinchuan, you can see a variety of old buildings, many of which have Hui characteristics.

The dress culture of the Hui people is equally striking. This kind of attire originates from Arab countries and reflects the unique charm of Hui culture, which looks neat, bright and solemn.

In this beautiful yellow land, the disposal of medical waste is of great importance. If these wastes are not properly disposed of, they will not only pollute the environment, but also may endanger people's health. Therefore, this year Li-Ying co-operated with the client from Yinchuan City and delivered the MDU-10B equipment in May.

The after-sales team went to Yinchuan to help the customer's equipment installation and debugging, and saw the beauty of the Northwest there.Li-Ying was amazed at its wildness and gentleness, and at the yellow sand and lakes. We feel honoured to help Yinchuan environmental protection cause!

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