Li-Ying Donated Equipment to Sansha City


At the southernmost tip of Hainan Province, on the vast South China Sea, there is a bright pearl - Sansha City, which is known as "the third golden waterway in the world". Far away from the mainland, Sansha City is based on islands and governs the Xisha Islands, Zhongsha Islands and Nansha Islands, guarding the long sea line of southern China between the rising of the sun and the setting of the moon.

However, due to its special geographic location and environmental conditions, Sansha City, while possessing rich marine resources, is also subject to great limitations. Resources on the island are scarce compared to the mainland, and living conditions are not as convenient. For example, in the field of medical waste disposal, Sansha City is located in the Xisha Islands,and does not have the conditions for centralized disposal of medical waste. The pace of environmental protection is firm but slow.

Aerial view of Sansha City, Hainan Province, China

According to article 21 of the Regulations on the Management of Medical Waste, in rural areas where conditions for the centralized disposal of medical waste do not exist, medical and health institutions shall dispose of the medical waste they generate locally on their own, in accordance with the requirements of the local health administrative department and the competent environmental protection department.

Medical waste that has not been harmlessly treated can pollute the ecological environment and carry the risk of spreading diseases. Therefore, in order to prevent problems before they occur, Sansha Municipality has also been trying to find a reasonable way to dispose of medical waste.

Li-Ying environmental protection noticed the difficulties of Sansha City, and actively undertook the social responsibility of the enterprise, took the initiative to contact the Sansha City government, and donated a medical waste microwave disinfection in-situ disposal equipment to Sansha City People's Hospital, which utilizes the microwave disinfection technology, energy-saving and high-efficiency sterilization at the same time, and is very suitable for the environmental protection requirements of Sansha City.Li-Ying hopes that it can, with its own advanced technology of disposing of medical wastes. Li-Ying hopes to use its advanced medical waste disposal technology to work hand in hand with the government to blow the wind of environmental protection in the South China Sea.

Sansha City People's Hospital in the rain

At the beginning of June, we sent a professional installation and commissioning team to Sansha for guidance. From Henan to the southernmost part of China, more than 2,000 kilometers represents not only distance, but also Li-Ying's determination. Our team crossed the wide ocean, experienced the stormy typhoon, overcame the difficulties, and finally successfully carried out the equipment installation and personnel training in Sansha People's Hospital.

Medical staff performing practical operations

Perhaps our help to Sansha is just a small step in exploring a new disposal model for medical waste, but what matters to running water is not its speed, but the endless flow. Li-Ying Environmental Protection will continue to help others!

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