Medical Waste High Temperature Microwave Disinfection Unit, model MMDU-21P

It’s a a device that uses the dual effects of microwave and high-pressure steam to disinfect medical waste.

Treatment capacity appr. 10kg/hr, based on an average density of medical waste at 0.1kg/l ~0.15kg/l.


  • Treatment capacity: 10kg/h (±10%)


    Medical Waste On-site Disposal Unit (MOU series), model MMDU-21P

    It’s a device that uses the dual effects of microwave and high-pressure steam to sterilize medical waste.

    Treatment capacity appr. 10kg/hr (based on an average density of medical waste at 0.1kg/l ~0.15kg/l.)

    Technical Principle

    It uses the thermal effect of microwave to heat the high-pressure sterilization chamber to maintain temperature and prevent steam condensation. It is sterilized by the sensitivity of bacteria to temperature. In addition, microwave has a non-thermal effect, Non thermal effect refers to other microbial killing effects besides thermal effect, which is a unique effect of microwave sterilization. After the sterilization chamber reaches 135 ºC or above, it is kept for another 5 minutes to complete the disposal.


     Dimensions of the main unit body 1550mm*1140 mm*1930mm(+350mm)
    Overall weight850kg
    Treatment typeMicrowave sterilization technology with post- shredding
    Type of processSemi-automatic process
    Type of controlPLC control system, touch screen operation panel
    Automatic feeding systemNone
    Sterilization temperature≥ 135℃
    Pressure≥ 0.33MPa
    Sterilization cycle≥ 30 minutes
    Installed power8 Kw
    Utility RequirementsElectricity: 380V, 50Hz, 3Phase
    Treatment capacity *10 kg/hr (±10%)
    Manpower requirementsNo specialized operator / 1 operator
    Assembly and start-up1 day assembly
    Exhaust gas treatment systemContain
    Sterilization chamber304 stainless steel
    Microwave frequency2450 +/- 50 MHz
    Microwave generator power1.25kW 
    Treatment effect6 log 10. The treatment effect test uses Bacillus subtilis var. niger spore (ATCC 9372) as biological indicator, with killing logarithm value ≥ 6.00.  
    A printer integrated with the machine that can trace cycle data, such as hospital name/operator name/cycle time/weight/cycle status.

    Customized Special specifications accepted.

    Process Flow


    Put the bags with medical waste into the material box in the disinfection chamber, and after loading through the PLC control panel, the material box automatically resets and seals with the disinfection chamber, and then closes the outer double doors.


    Start disposal through PLC control panel operation, and enter the microwave sterilization stage. After the pressure reaches above 0.33MPa and the temperature reaches above 135 degrees Celsius, keep the sterilization for 5 minutes and then complete the disinfection. The system releases pressure and cools down automatically. After reaching the set temperature and no-pressure state, the outer double door can be opened after being prompted, and the disinfection chamber is automatically moved out.


    Take out the material box, pour the sterilized waste into the shredding chamber, and close the chamber flap. At this point, the next cycle of medical waste can be put into the material box of the sterilization chamber, and the outer double doors then closed.


    The shredding is started through the PLC control panel, the shredded and unrecognizable waste pieces automatically falls into a new non-infected garbage collector to complete the treatment.

    At the same time, the microwave sterilization chamber will carry out the next cycle of sterilization of medical waste simultaneously.

    Applicable Range

    • Blood and Blood Products
    • Dialysis Waste
    • Animal Tissues, Body Parts, and Carcasses
    • Human Tissues, Body Parts, and Limbs
    • Biological and Non-Hazardous Pharmaceutical
    • Needles, Syringes, and other Sharps
    • Research Waste 
    • Laboratory Specimens
    • Surgery Waste
    • Pathology and Histology Samples
    • Aids and Hepatitis Waste
    • Isolation Waste
    • Cultures and Slides
    • Intravenous Bags, Blood Bags, and Associated Tubing
    • Animal Bedding
    • Packaging Materials
    • Gloves, and Gowns Associated with Waste Collection
    • Trace Chemotherapy/anti- neo plastic waste

    Technical Advantages


    Unique advantages of microwave with steam synergistic sterilization meet a fast and thorough sterilization rate.


    Zero emission, no hazard airs or water release, no dioxin, without secondary pollution.


    High degree of automation and PLC control allows easy operation by ONE single person with simple training.


    Fixed and Mobile type available, plug and play, flexible, convenient and energy-saving.


    Low investment, stable operation with simple maintenance. Only electricity and water are connected, it’s efficient and economical.


    Significant advantages of high sterilization effect, simple operation, zero emissions allows the technology being quickly recognized by the market.

    Technical Compare

    Compare technologiesLiYing TechnologyAutoclaveAutoclave with a shedderIncinerator
    (microwave)(hot steam)(hot steam)(incineration)
    Integral shreddingXX
    Unrecognizable wasteX
    Volume of waste reductionX
    Mass of waste reductionXX
    Installation requirementsLowHighHighHigh
    Complexity of the installationLowIntermediateIntermediateHigh
    Possibility of installation "in situ"X
    Technology approval and recognition by countries all over the worldHighIntermediateHighLow
    Level of sterilizationHighIntermediateHighHigh
    Level of noiseLowIntermediateIntermediateHigh
    Treatment of pathological and anatomical wasteX
    Investment costsIntermediateLowIntermediateHigh
    Operating costsLowHighHighHigh
    Maintenance costsLowHighHighHigh
    Labour costsLowHighHighHigh
    Impact on the environmentNoneIntermediateIntermediateHigh
    No contaminated rejection (such as water, steam)XXX
    Risk for workforce/personnel health (no risk of toxic contaminants released into the air or the treated waste)NoneIntermediateIntermediateHigh

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