Chifeng, we saw the beauty of the steppe


Chifeng, whose name means red mountain, is located in the southeast of China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and is known as the home of "non-ferrous metals". But what makes it most attractive is the unique romance of Inner Mongolia, a vast expanse of grassland.

When one stands on the grassland of Chifeng, the faint scent of grass will hit one's nose. The poem we heard during our teenage years comes to mind: "The sky is pale, the wild is vast, and the wind blows the grass down to see the cattle and sheep." When we opened eyes, the picture of the poem appeared in front of us - the sky was blue, white clouds rolled in, cattle and sheep flocked on the endless grass, and children at play passed through them, forming a natural oil painting that was better than any painter's work. Raising our hand, we seemed to be able to touch the word, "happiness".

It is such a vast grassland that has given birth to a unique nomadic culture. The local nomadic people live in relocatable yurts, mostly are Mongols, simple but wild. They are the kids of the grassland, the people who grew up on horseback. They are brave and warlike, honour strength and believe in the “sky”.

But Chifeng caught the wave of development early and is a very modern city. It skilfully merged the city and the steppe, fused many cultures, and built high-rise buildings in the city. When night falls, Chifeng becomes brightly lit.

While the number of residents is growing,Chifeng is paying more and more attention to the disposal of medical waste in order to protect the local ecological environment.Li-Ying is honoured to be Chifeng's partner in the field of environmental protection,and completed the delivery of the MDU-5B equipment in December this year.

The after-sales team routinely went to Inner Mongolia to help customers with equipment installation and commissioning, and met the beauty of north there. The cold wind was howling and the snow was flying.The grassland was picturesque and the tall buildings were standing. We think this is the meaning of Li-Ying's existence - to help humanities and nature live in harmony.

Thanks to trust, we will continue to uphold the most sincere attitude to provide the most professional service. On the road to environmental protection, we hope to go all the way to Chifeng City and look forward to seeing the grassland again!

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