On the border of Yunnan, we met Dehong


Dehong Prefecture in Yunnan Province, a place unknown to many, means "lower reaches of the Nujiang River" in Dai language. The Nujiang River flows endlessly, and the high mountains in the southwest stretch on forever. Between the mountains and the water, the Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture is located here.With warm winters and hot summers, Dehong's wild mountains have nurtured countless creatures.It is the kingdom of flora and fauna.

The state of Dehong blends in with the natural environment, and such an intimate relationship has given the locals very different living customs. For example, it is interesting to cook a wide variety of flowers and mushrooms, and even certain small insects. For the Dai, the most populous ethnic minority in the region, the Water Splashing Festival is the most important festival. When April rolls around, the Dai, who are celebrating the New Year, will throw water on other people. Because in the Dai culture, water represents the truest and purest blessing at this moment.

Dehong Prefecture is heavily influenced by Buddhism in its beliefs, and the locals have built stately gilded stupas on the verdant peaks. Under the blue clouds of the day, in front of the magnificent golden stupa, there is an endless stream of visitors. The murmurs of the devotees praying for blessings hide the plainest wishes of the common people - happiness and well-being.

In order to prevent the green water and mountains from being harmed by human life, Dehong has long been committed to environmental protection. It seeks to dispose of the medical waste produced on a daily basis in a faster and better way. It is for this reason that Li-Ying is present in such a charming place.

We completed the delivery of MDU-5B equipment in November this year, and the after-sales team arrived in Dehong on a mild weather day. While carefully solving equipment installation and commissioning problems for customers, the staff saw beautiful scenery - even in winter, the elegance of Dehong has not lost a bit.

It was both a mutually satisfying co-operation and a beautiful encounter. In the south-west of Yunnan, Li-Ying met the alternative style of Dehong. We are honoured to be able to contribute to local environmental protection and look forward to the next time we work together!

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